About the Concept

GAMEDAY at Ryan’s are your chance to win a lot of drinks and beers – and at the same time have fun with your friends. We always play different games. It’s up to you which games you want to battle your friends in – or maybe someone you just meet. Every time you win you get a point – and each point can be changed to drinks in the bar. Our game master will guide you through it all.

Come in and have a great Thursday at Ryan’s for GAMEDAY.

How to Play

  • GAMEDAY is every Thursday from 20.00 – 24.00 
  • Only during this time you can play and win points
  • When you arrive at Ryan’s you approach the game master and get registered.
  • It’s free to join
  • You can register as an individual or in a team of 2 people
  • All participants are given a wristband so that you can recognize who is participating as well
  • Everyone can play against each other
  • Every match begin when there’s 2 teams to play against each other
  • There’s no tournament, so it’s free to play as long as you play according to Ryan’s-rules, which appear at all games
  • When you win a match, you go to the gamemaster and receive your points in the form of vouchers. Everyone at the winning team will be given 1 point each
  • This voucher can be exchanged for drinks in the bar – the more you have, the more drinks you can get


1: 1 House shot
3: 1 Albani draftbeer (Pilsner/Classic)
5: 1 2 cl drink
8: 1 Cocktail
10: 1 pitcher Albani (Pilsner/Classic)
15: 4 Jägerbombs
25: 1 bottle of booze + 1 liter soda
30: 2 pitchers Albani (Pilsner/Classic) + 10 house shots
50: 1 hour of free beer for you and a friend
100: 2 hours of free bar for you and 3 friends

Rules for Games


  1. The game is won when the first team scores 15 points
  2. Each team has 4 stones
  3. The first team plays one stone, and then the turn goes to the next team etc.
  4. The stones are thrown from the same side of the table
  5. The stone must pass the 1st Point field on the side you play from – if not, the stone is removed, and it is out of the game
  6. To score points, the stone must be 100% inside the scoring zone. If a puck is partially on the line, the lowest number of points applies
  7. It’s allowed to shoot each other’s stones off the pitch
  8. When all 8 stones have been shot, the points are counted and a new round starts, where you shoot from the opposite end.
  9. Every point counts!
  10. Remember to add sawdust to the court – it makes the puck slide better

Football Table

  1. The game is won when the first team scores 9 points
  2. Do not spin the players
  3. The ball is thrown in from the center hole every time there is scored
  4. If the ball goes in and out of the goal, there is goal and the ball starts from the center again
  5. the table must not be moved doing the match

8-Ball Pool                                                                                                   

Only in October and November – next month there will be a new game

  1. 8-Ball can be played with two players or teams
  2. The goal of the game is to pocket all of the balls from your assigned group (striped or solid), and then pocket the 8 ball to win the game
  3. All 15 balls are racked in a triangle formation at one end of the table. The 8 ball should be placed in the center of the rack, with one solid-colored ball and one striped ball on each side of the bottom row of balls. The remaining balls can be placed in any order
  4. The player who breaks the rack must hit the balls with the cue ball (the solid white one) from behind the head string. The break is legal as long as four balls hit a cushion or a ball is pocketed. If a ball is made on the break, the shooting player can continue shooting. If no balls were pocketed, then it’s the opponents turn to shoot
  5. After the break the table is open, and the player at the table can decide which set of balls (stripes or solid) to pocket. Once the player pockets a ball, the type of ball pocketed is now the group belonging to that player for the game 
  6. For which ever player has control of the table, they can continue their turn after each successive ball is pocketed. This includes the break. The player who successfully pockets a ball gets to continue shooting. If no balls were pocketed, the other player takes over 
  7. The game is won by pocketing the 8 ball after all your assigned group’s balls are pocketed. The 8 ball must be pocketed in a pocket that the player calls on beforehand. If the 8 ball goes into another pocket than the one being called. the player looses the game. 

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